how much is a digital tv aerial!
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1>How much is TV aerial installation

The TV aerial installation is not an easy job. As there has to be perfection in the installation and position of the aerial so that you will get the best results and it will not be disturbed because of the environmental conditions. This is the reason that following are the factors on which the cost of the TV aerial installation depends:

· The locations, it means that the area which the installation team will have to travel.

· The size of the pole that is required for the TV aerial

· The requirements of the cables. It might happen that according to the position of the digital TV aerial new cables had o be installed.

· The requirement for the splitter

· The requirement of the amplifier

· They type of TV aerial installation that you require

When you sum up the cost of all these factors it might reach $65 to $200. You can reduce the cost by making sure that you have managed the pole and there is no requirement of the cables in the house.

However to make sure that you have the perfect tv aerials installation you must pay the justified amount because once installed you will not have to deal with in again.


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